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Double Glazing Unit Repairs

Good replacement double glazing units last for a very long time. Especially our Argon Gas filled units which are manufactured to european Standard EN1279.

Sadly however, sometimes double glazed windows need repairing. This can be for a variety of reasons including bad double glazing manufacturing or installation. Double glazed windows can be repaired by just replacing the failed double glazing unit with one purpose made to size and need not involve a complete window replacement.

Older units themselves also fail, but whilst those are often units that do not meet the latest regulations of guidelines for safety & insulation. We can replace these on a like for like basis. However this could give you opportunity to upgrade your overall window specification.

Condensation or Damaged Double Glazing

Old double glazing units lose the ability to insulate effectively or can have become eroded through basic wear and tear or even accidents.

With such wear and tear the seals around double glazing units can become undermined and leak. This allows in moisture which, due to changes in temperature, causes the formation of water droplets in between the two panes of glass, releasing any gas filling. Some companies offer to repair double glazing units to remove a build up of condensation. We however do not recommend this course of action for several reasons, the main one being that the glass will remain stained even after repair.